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4 Ways to Make Time for YouTube! #savethechannels

We need to save the channels.

I’m willing to bet you have things to do in your everyday life; School, work, saving the world – Maybe all three? You’re juggling the many aspects of your life every single day and adding YouTube content creation into the mix is just an extra ball.

You’re not just lazy. It’s a lot to handle.

Until your channel becomes self-sustaining, creating for YouTube can be a HUGE time-sink. Too often do up-and-coming channels die due to sheer lack of time by the content creator.

Well, no more! We’ve had enough of seeing good channels fade away. Here are 4 Tips to make time for Youtube. Together, we’re going to #savethechannels.

1. Make a Public Schedule to Give Yourself Extra Motivation. 

Making a new video whenever you’ve got the time is not professional or an effective way of gaining and maintaining a fanbase. Declare a release schedule or recurring release day and stick to it. “New Videos Every Sunday!” or “New Videos Every Month!” work perfectly well. Give your audience an expectation of content. Publicly shame yourself into making content. This way you’re not just going back on a promise to yourself, you’re letting down all of your fans as well.

Imagine if you will – little Timmy (not me) rushing home from school to watch the new (YOUR NAME HERE) video. It’s Wednesday and (YOUR NAME HERE) always releases new videos on Wednesday. However, instead of a video  little Timmy (who is also a hunchback and has no friends or something) is greeted with a post saying;

“Sorry guys, no video this week. Ran out of time – was too busy hanging out with my friends playing video games”

You’ve broken little Timmy’s heart. This is all he has to look forward to and you wrenched it out of his weird, stubby hands. Then his mom comes in the room and announces his parents are divorcing. Also his puppy dies.

Nice going  jerk. This is all your fault.

Stick to your schedules.

2. Integrate YouTube into Your Lifestyle

How often do you eat? What time do you go to bed? When do you make new content? If you’re serious about making it in YouTube, these questions should all be of the same importance.

The most effective way of living a healthy lifestyle is integrating fitness and proper nutrition into your everyday life. Diets don’t work as you aren’t correcting your lifestlye, you’re simply putting a band-aid over it as a temporary solution. You may reach your target weight from a diet, but as soon as you stop that particular diet you will begin to gain it back. The exact same goes for content creation.

Let’s say you get super pumped one day and you create 4 or 5 really strong videos. You upload them all in one week and they perform really well. You reach 50,000 subscribers off of those 5 videos. Great! Good for you. But instead of creating more content regularly, you rest on your laurels. You don’t create content for another 2 months, then when you finally do… OH NO! That video doesn’t perform well at all! Your audience has lost interest. You create less and less to little fanfare until eventually, you stop creating all together. You now live in a cardboard box and it’s raining and you have bits of food stuck in your beard which is weird because you’re a girl in this scenario.

It happens all the time. This is the “diet” style of creating content and it doesn’t work. The most successful YouTubers are ones who make their channel a part of their lives and identity.

3. Pre-record a Season of Videos  in Advance.

Now, some people’s schedules are in constant, dramatic flux. Sometimes you’re schedule is insanely full, other times you have absolutely nothing to do. If you work an unconventional job or if you’re a student, this section is for you. 

I’m definitely of the opinion that lifestyle integration is the most effective way of content creation, but it’s not the only way.  Take a tip from television and shoot whole “seasons” of content in advance. Have people look at you funny and dress up as a vampire to shoot your Halloween video in July. Pretend you’re a Wal-Mart and start gearing up for Christmas in September. Having videos “in the can” is an strategic way of ensuring that you are in front of your audience as much as possible as often as possible.

Look, I know this is similar to the “diet” style of creation I just described. You didn’t catch me in a contradiction (kind of vindictive of you to try though, isn’t it?) The difference here is pacing and planning. It’s okay to create a boat load of content in one day, so long as you schedule to release it consistently over a predetermined amount of time. Deciding which scheduling method works best for you is a key part in planning a successful Youtube Channel.

4. Make Sure Your Life Can Accommodate Creatorship.

Did you read this article and go “Nope. That’s not going to work.” to literally EVERYTHING I just said? Maybe your life can’t handle creatorship right now. And that’s okay.

The earlier you get started on YouTube the better, but if you only make 1 or 2 videos and then find you don’t have the time to continue creating content then what was the point in entering the space at all? Creating for creations sake is perfectly fine. In fact, I would say go for it if your intention is to create a piece of art that you want to live on the internet. However, it probably won’t help you establish yourself as a leader in the YouTube space. But, if you can’t facilitate the growth of your brand, then you may need to reconsider what your intentions are in the first place.

It’s like having a baby. An internet baby made of videos. The conception is super fun, but the maintenance and support required might be a bit too much for some people. It’s much more beneficial simply make a plan and wait for the right time in your life when you can give your content/baby the time and attention it deserves. Then – with enough TLC and time – it may grow up big and strong and take care of you when you’re older.

Or it might put you in a nursing home.  It all depends on how well you take care of it.





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