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4 Things You Need To Know When Making A Grapevine Video

Grapevine appreciates how much thought, time, and work goes into every video you post. We love how much creativity goes into your videos and we hate having to tell you something is not correct in regards to sponsors. We want to be proactive and tell you 4 things you must know before you start making your Grapevine Video.

Talking Points

We have run into a common problem here at Grapevine, when someone makes a video before they have received their talking points. Oops! Don’t worry if you have made this mistake, because others have too. Remember that when you do a Grapevine video you always receive talking points from the brand. If your video does not have those talking points we will most likely ask you to change your video.


We do not want to ask you to do extra work, but this often happens when a vlogger works on their first campaign. They are unaware of these talking points, through miscommunication. So make sure you have received all of your information before you begin working on your Grapevine video.


You know your channel and you know your audience. Only you know what they like and what they want to see from you. That is what makes you valuable. Companies want your audience to see their product. They want you to show your audience their product because your viewers trust you and value your opinion.


Grapevine gives you talking points but it is up to you to relay those points to your audience in your own creative way. We still want your Grapevine video to be exciting, engaging, creative, and true to the style of your channel. Use the product in a new exciting way. Inform your viewers of the talking points so it doesn’t feel like you are preaching the product, but show that you honestly support it and you believe that your viewers will enjoy the product.

One Thing Every Grapevine Video Must Have

Before you post your video there is one thing you need to have. Every Grapevine video has to have a call-to-action. Please Grapeviners, do not upload your Grapevine videos without one. Your audience needs to know what action to take if they are interested in the product you are talking about. If you don’t know how to use a call-to-action effectively in your video learn how, 5 Ways Call-to-Actions Can Increase Subscriber Count. It is one of the most important things to remember so make sure it is number one on your video upload checklist.

Posting Videos On Time

It is extremely important that you are aware of your upload date and take it seriously. Agreeing to an upload date is making a commitment to both Grapevine and the brand. We are all professionals and we can all rely on each other to follow through.


If you can not post on time make sure to let us know as soon as possible. Communication is key to a successful campaign. We understand that life is not perfect and sometimes things come up. If it is a one time occurrence we will not be upset. If it becomes a regular request for you to extend your upload date we will become less and less forgiving.


Remember to enjoy your sponsorship. When we all work together we produce great content and satisfying results!


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