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4 New Features for Brands: Product Update

In our efforts to make Grapevine the best and most comprehensive influencer marketing platform, we’ve taken in a lot of brand feedback over the past couple of months. We’ve enjoyed getting to know our partners better and understanding what tools they need to maximize influencer marketing efforts and results. These conversations weren’t always easy, and we thank everyone who has shared their feedback with us for being candid and working with us. As a result, we have an endless list of amazing suggestions and requests from our not only our brand partners, but also our team of pros, who spend each and every day learning the influencer marketing space and how to improve it.


Today, we’re excited to announce 4 new features geared toward making influencer marketing easier and better for brands. Some of these you may have already noticed, some may be new to you. Let’s walk through these features now – how many did you notice?


Instagram is Now Available on Grapevine!

This may not be new for all of our brand partners, but for anyone who hasn’t started up a campaign in awhile, surprise! Grapevine now offers brands the opportunity to sponsor both YouTube and Instagram content. Select YouTube only, Instagram only, or make it a combo and select YouTube AND Instagram for your next campaign. It’s the perfect way to amplify your brand message and expand your reach to a new audience.


With over 500 Million users now on Instagram, it’s also a great place to test your Q3 budget in preparation for the busy holiday season (especially since the busiest time for Back to School shopping is about to start!). What’s even better – we are now allowing Instagram only creators on the Grapevine platform, which means even more creators for brands to choose from. Here’s a running count of how many creators there are on Grapevine, and their respective YouTube & Instagram reach:


new features for brands


We expect this number to grow dramatically over the rest of 2016, so strike while the iron is hot and develop lasting relationships now! Start up a new Instagram campaign and remember, it’s absolutely free to get started on Grapevine, we’ll only charge you once you find the right creator to work with (shouldn’t be too hard!).


New Creator Profile

One of the most powerful tools in Grapevine is our Browse Creators Tool – this gives brand access to our Community of thousands of the world’s best content creators. If you’ve spent any time perusing recently, you’ve probably noticed our creator profiles have a new look.


new features for brands
The new “Sponsored” tab gives brands an idea of what a creator’s previous sponsored content looks like

Now brands can easily view a creator’s YouTube and Instagram profiles, with all the stats they need to decide whether a creator is the right fit. To make it even easier to understand what a creator’s sponsored content looks like, we’ve added the “Sponsored Posts” tab to this page, which shows the creator’s recent sponsored content.


Creators are highly visual people, as are the marketers who hire them. We wanted to make sure Creator profiles in Grapevine bring to life the hours of time Creators spend in developing their content. Get a true glimpse into each Creator in the Grapevine Community through this new look.


Rescind Offers

We know it can be a little bit scary to send out a bunch of offers to creators at once… it can feel like a bit of a free for all. But now with the Rescind Offers feature, you no longer need to wait for 7 days for creators to approve/deny your proposals.


new features for brands
Rescind Offers allows brand partners to edit an unaccepted offer at any time before its expiration


This feature allows brands to rescind an offer made to a creator at any time. Filled your campaign budget, but still have offers out there? No problem! Make a mistake and send an incorrect offer? Rescind it! Accidentally send an offer for both Instagram and YouTube and only looking for one? You can rescind one of them!


This feature is available for any unapproved offer and is open to brands before an offer expires after 7 days. We hope Rescind Offers makes our brand partners feel more comfortable sending out offers to their dream Creator team. With that said, we do suggest brands exercise caution with this tool – as rescinding too many offers from Creators can have a detrimental affect on the future relationship (kind of the same way brands feel when creators don’t respond to their offers!).


Rescind Offers can be found in the Message Center on the right side of the page, under sponsorship details. Feel confident you can explore the Creator relationships you want, without breaking the bank.


Minimum Subscriber Count & Estimated Cost Per Video

Regardless of a brand’s influencer marketing experience, it’s hard to know how Creators will respond to a new campaign in the marketplace. Not seeing the types of proposal’s you’re looking for, or having trouble understanding how much you should be paying per video? Use the new Minimum Subscriber Count and Estimated Cost/Video tool.


Under Campaigns, click the icon in the Manage column, next to the campaign you’re looking to edit. From this view, you can set the minimum number of subscribers a creator must have to apply to your campaign, and we’ll generate an estimate of how much each video will cost at this subscriber level.


new features for brands
Looking for Creators with a larger audience? Set a Minimum Subscriber Count and see an estimate of how much these videos will cost

While the minimum subscriber count will definitely hide a campaign from any creator whose audience doesn’t meet the subscriber minimum, the estimated video payout isn’t exact. This data is based off of historical data in the Grapevine platform that’s aggregated for creators at the selected subscriber count. Payment can be higher or lower dependent on the creator.


If you’re unsure of the type of creator’s you’re looking for, we suggest leaving new campaigns open to our entire Community of approved Creators. Once your first proposals start rolling in (likely within 24 hours), you can gauge whether they fit your campaign or not. If you are looking for a higher subscriber count/willing to pay more per video, we recommend using this tool to tailor a Creator’s audience to your brand’s needs.


We’re excited with what’s coming up for the rest of 2016 – in fact, we may not be able to keep our secrets in, so check back often, you never know when one of us will be loose lipped (especially Brendan Lattrell). Interested in sharing some feedback with us? We’d love to hear from you – click the icon in the bottom right corner of your Grapevine profile to connect with a member of the team and schedule some time to chat. We’d love to hear from you and work to make Grapevine your dream influencer marketing platform.


Sign into your account and check out these 4 new brand features here. Don’t have a campaign live in the marketplace right now? You have 4 new reasons to get started!










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