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5 Easy Tips For Writing The Perfect Sponsorship Proposal

You searched the Grapevine Marketplace and you found the perfect campaign, or two, that is a perfect fit for both you and your channel. Now you need to write a sponsorship proposal. There is where you’re stumped. You are really interested in the campaign and you want to make sure you do everything you can the ensure a spot. Don’t worry, Grapevine is here to help make sure your sponsorship proposal is honest, exciting, and grabs the attention of the brands you want to work for.

1. Do your homework

When applying for a campaign brands want to see genuine interest in their products. How will you be able to show interest if you don’t know anything about the brand? It wont take you too long to do a little research on the brand. It’s as simple as looking at the brands website just to get a better understanding of who they are as a brand and how they represent themselves. If you want to go a little further, do a Google search and see what top articles come up about the brand. Knowing a little background on the company, as well as current events the company is going through can never hurt. This could become useful when making your video, or when answering questions that your followers might have. You don’t want your name to be associated with something you don’t know anything about. Do your homework, and know your facts.

2. Sponsorship Proposal Logistics

Your sponsorship proposal should not have any spelling errors. You want the proposal to be neat, organized, and professional. Typos are not professional. Many people have questions about length, a paragraph is plenty. You don’t want it to be too long, the people reading these proposals are busy and don’t have too much time to read through pages for every application. Many people are not quite sure what it is exactly that Grapevine sees and what the brand will see. There is no need to provide a link to your channel, Grapevine does that for you. You are logged in, so when you draft the sponsorship proposal your channel is automatically linked to the draft. Here is a great example of what the brand sees when they open your proposal.

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 10.56.06 AM

3. Sponsorship Proposal Content

Let’s get to the good stuff, the content of your proposal. As we mentioned it should be about a paragraph, short and sweet.

  • Brief intro
  • State why you should be on the campaign
  • Mention how you plan to incorporate the product/brand into your video
  • End with a “Thank you”

If you look at SeasonBeauty97’s proposal you will notice she gives a reason why she is good for the campaign, because many people have requested a fitness video from her. The says that she will use Shama Jade clothing in those requested videos, giving the brand an idea of how she will be using their product. She suggests further communication and brainstorming and ends with a thank you. She gets straight to the point and her proposal was successful.

4. Be Genuine

You can write the best sponsorship proposal and say everything you think the brand wants to hear. That probably wont give you the results you are looking for. Be genuine, channel your inner Don Draper and wow them with your character and personal connection to the brand or product. There are five things a brand will look for when reading a sponsorship proposal and researching the talent. Listed in order of importance.

  1. Quality of content
  2. Relevance to the brand
  3. Personality of the Youtuber
  4. Comments and engagement with their audience
  5. Traffic and following of the channel

Your content is the foot in the door so make sure it truly reflects you and your channel. If it doesn’t the brand will quickly find out when they research your channel. Don’t waste your time and more importantly don’t waste the brands time. Think quality over quantity when choosing what campaigns to apply to.

5. Be Sure Your Proposal Matched Your Video

When you write your proposal do not suggest something you don’t intend to put in your video. If you explain a scenario in which your content would be perfect for the product, stick to it. If the brand approves you that means they like they idea and that is what they can expect from your video. So make sure to follow through on any promises you make in your sponsorship proposals.


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