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3 Ways To Make Yourself More Appealing To Brands

As an influential YouTuber, you hold all the power. In fact, Variety found that U.S. teenagers are more enamored with YouTube personalities than they are with mainstream celebrities. As a result, brands are constantly looking to connect with advocates, like you, to reach an engaged audience of online video viewers.
But with so many content creators on YouTube, how are you supposed to stand out and attract brands’ attention and marketing dollars? You must position yourself as a valuable marketing tool and make yourself more appealing to brands. Companies are looking for YouTubers that will not only present their brand in a positive light, but also inspire audiences to take action. In order to become a highly coveted brand advocate, focus on these three steps:

1. Grow Your Audience

No duh. Though companies aren’t always looking for quantity over quality, it doesn’t hurt to build up a large following—for many brands, this is a huge selling point. However, growing your audience is easier said than done. Reaching a relevant, targeted audience on your own can be difficult, but there are services that can help.
For example, you can promote your videos through a distribution company like ViralGains to reach people that will love your videos and share them with their friends and family, helping you to create an even larger audience!
If you reach the right people with content that interests them, you’re more likely to develop a dedicated fan base and attract brands looking to partner with influential YouTubers.

2. Present Viewers with a Unique Offering

Let’s say you own a YouTube channel dedicated to makeup videos. It’s a fact: there are thousands of other YouTubers out there doing the same thing. You need to find your differentiator, your selling point. There needs to be something that draws viewers to your videos over another YouTuber’s.
Typically, the best differentiator is you! Everything about you is unique and if you let that shine through in your videos, you’re golden. It’s also important that you offer viewers a value exchange. People should be able to get something out of your content that they can’t get anywhere else, whether it’s entertainment, new tips and tricks, information, etc.
People are more likely to keep coming back if there is something in it for them.

3. Engage With Your Audience

Online video is one of, if not the most, engaging forms of content. Brands are looking for advocates that actively engage with their audience, whether it’s on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
“What these YouTubers have proven is that they have engaged viewers—they comment, they talk on the YouTuber’s Facebook page, on Twitter. The brands want millions of views, but they also want engaged viewers,” said Caroline Giegerich, director of innovation at Initiative.
If your viewers are choosing to check out your content on a regular basis, chances are they would love the opportunity to interact with you on YouTube and other social channels. You have the ability to form a deep connection with you audience, and this is what brands value most.

The connections you form with your audience, and the engagement you inspire, are incredibly important to video marketers. An increasing number of brands are looking to partner with influential YouTubers, and if you can accomplish the three steps listed above, you’ll have the tools you need to attract brands’ attention and ultimately, marketing dollars.
Hannah Brenzel is the Content Marketing Coordinator for ViralGains, a viral video marketing company based in Boston, MA. Her skills include public transportation, doodling and guessing the price of the Final Showcases on The Price is Right (give or take $1000).


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