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3 Secrets to a Successful YouTube Sponsorship Relationship

Becoming successful on YouTube may be a common dream among Vloggers, but certainly isn’t always a common result.

Getting YouTube sponsorship for your channel can seem impossible, but once you have actually applied and been accepted with a YouTube sponsor, this is a dream that you don’t want to let go of. You want to do whatever you can to ensure that your video is exactly what the company wants and will be the boost you need to increase subscribers, as well as your opportunity to be accepted with other YouTube sponsors.

There are three key secrets to creating the perfect video so that not only your followers can feel satisfied, but your sponsor will be happy as well.

Consider Your Flexibility

A lot of YouTube sponsors do have their own requirements and requests. For example, some of these sponsors want specific videos to be made: such as reviews or direct advertisements. If you’re allowed some room and flexibility, take it!

Getting creative with your videos and integrating their company or product in casually, rather than directly, will be a great way to plant the idea into the mind of your subscribers without actually telling them what they need and why they need it. Consider the idea of subliminal messaging: where an individual is presented with something that they’re not technically aware of. In a way, the more creative you are with your sponsor’s product, the more likely that your subscribers aren’t going to realize the video is sponsored at all – but they will still notice the brand.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

As a Vlogger, it’s expected that you want to work with some of the top brands that are out there – and by all means, you should definitely submit a proposal for any big-name brand that you see. It’s important to remember that bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. Being accepted into these YouTube sponsorships can seem impossible and make you want to give up, especially if you continue to apply and are rejected.

Remind yourself that the smaller brands and companies can be equally as effective for your YouTube channel. If you are accepted into five sponsorships with company’s that have a small following of clientele, eventually, these numbers are going to add up. Small numbers are better than no numbers, so while it’s important to pick sponsorships that are going to benefit your channel, it’s also good to consider getting yourself out there before aiming for the stars.

Don’t Forget Your Subscribers

While you’re on your journey to becoming a YouTube success, don’t forget about your loyal subscribers and what their interests are! In a nutshell, this means that catering to what you know your subscribers appreciate seeing and hearing about can essentially benefit you in the long run.

This certainly doesn’t mean to skip out on applying for YouTube sponsorship opportunities that you’re interested in, but it does mean to apply for the ones that you think may improve the number of views your videos get from your loyal subscribers. When your requirements are tightly wound, it can be difficult to get creative and think outside of the box, but if you’ve got a lot of free reign on any of your sponsorship opportunities, consider what your subscribers are going to get a kick out of! Not only will provide entertainment for your followers, but it will show them that their loyalty does matter.

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