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3 New Features for Creators: Product Update

Our goal at Grapevine is to make it as easy as possible for content creators to connect with and forge relationships with brand partners. We know you have a choice when it comes to influencer marketing platforms, and work our hardest to make Grapevine THE place creators want to come to for sponsorships.


Over the past couple of months our team has been BUSY – we’ve collected feedback from hundreds of creators and brands and learned what’s working and what may need a little bit of improvement. Over the past couple of weeks we’ve made a lot of changes and improvements to the Grapevine platform. Have you noticed all of them?


Here are 3 new features for creators you should know about:


Instagram Sponsorships are now LIVE on Grapevine!

Instagram LogoYou may have heard about Instagram on Grapevine – maybe you’ve even synced your Instagram account or completed a sponsorship. Instagram is now officially LIVE on Grapevine for all brands and creators. What does this mean for you? It means you can now get sponsored for YouTube videos, Instagram posts, or make it a combo and promote your next brand sponsorship via YouTube and Instagram.


To qualify for Instagram campaigns, you must have a minimum of 5,000 followers on your Instagram account (YouTube is still 1,000 subscribers). To sync your Instagram account click the button below!


New Creator Profiles

New Grapevine Creator Profile

As a creator, we know you put hours of time into producing your content. Not only that, but content creators are highly visual people (as are the marketers who are booking you!). We want our creator profiles to reflect this, and give potential sponsors the best visual depiction of who you are as a creator.


With the new creator profiles, you’ll notice your subscriber/follower demographics on the right hand side of the page, with your videos and Instagram posts featured the way they’re supposed to be – in a clean, organized and vibrant format. Select the videos and images that showcase who you are best and feature them on your new creator profile! Step it up and click on the pencil on the right side of the page to update your cover photo to give your profile even more of a personal touch.


We’ve also included a new tab called “sponsored posts” – these will pull the most recent sponsored posts you’ve completed for brand partners via Grapevine. Many brand partners ask for examples of previous sponsorships you’ve done, so we’re making it easier than ever for brands to check out your talents and book you faster on your next campaign.



Estimated Brand Budget Scale

Estimated Brand Budget Scale

We know it can be tough to know what brands are looking for, and if you meet their criteria. With our new Estimated Brand Budget Scale, you can see the estimated payout per video for each brand’s campaign listed under “Budget.”


This feature will help to give you a little bit more clarity into whether a brand’s budget aligns with what you charge per video. Here’s what each $ means:



$0 – $999 per video


$1,000 – $4,999 per video


$5,000 – $9,999 per video


$10,000+ per video


Remember, these are only rough estimates, and you never know if a partnership is a fit unless you try, so we encourage all of our creators to put your best foot forward and write a compelling proposal if you’re really interested in working with a brand. We’ve seen many brands increase their budgets to work with creators who are a great fit, and also bring on creators who may have fewer subscribers than they were originally looking for if there’s a match. Check out this post for our tips on how to create a winning proposal and get the brand sponsorships you want.


Have over 1,000 subscribers? Click here to check out the Marketplace and see the new Estimated Brand Budget Scale in action! Don’t have 1,000 subscribers yet? No problem – any creator in Grapevine can use the Match Tool and find other creators in our community to collaborate and grow with! Check it out here.


What do you think about our 3 newest product features for creators on Grapevine? Let us know in the comments below, and make sure to share our newest features with your fellow #GrapevineCommunity members!





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