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2017 Influencer Marketing Benchmarks Report

At Grapevine, we strive to make influencer marketing easy, manageable and scalable.  We provide brand marketers with the tools they need, like real-time analytics and conversion data, to make the best decisions they can for their YouTube Influencer Marketing campaigns.

At the end of the day, what determines whether or not your influencer marketing campaigns are a success is if you’ve maximized ROI in relation to the budget you’re operating with. However, without proper benchmarks and standards, marketers are left to rely on their instincts to determine how much to spend on campaigns. You’re in luck; we took a peek under the hood to get you the numbers you need to succeed with our 2017 Influencer Marketing Advertiser Spend Benchmarks.

This 6 page report is chock-full of advertiser spend data from over 625 videos hosted on the Grapevine Platform to give marketers just a little more clarity into how far their ad spend budgets will take their influencer campaigns.

2017 Influencer Marketing Benchmarks Key Findings:

  • It costs just about $1,000 to book a creator with a subscriber count of 100,000.
  • There is a strong correlation between influencer costs and overall view count, and brands will pay as much as $15,000 to secure 300,000+ views on content authored by the creators they work with.
  • Most Brands on the Grapevine platform spend around 25% of their marketing budget on Influencer campaigns.
Preview of 2017 Influencer Marketing Benchmarks on Grapevine
Sneak peek of the 2017 Influencer Marketing benchmarks

Data Analyzed in the Influencer Marketing Benchmarks Report

  • Data analyzed in this document is data gathered from over 625 videos run on the Grapevine platform to help you answer the question, “how far will my budget take my campaign?”
  • The total spend on these campaigns was over $587,000.
  • As of October, 2017, these videos generated 15,945,004 views with 217,208 clicks, reaching over 102 million subscribers.
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