Advocate Spotlight: CoffeeBreakWithDani

There are certain advocates in our network who are an absolute pleasure to work with and produce high-quality content time after time. They maintain consistent and effective communication throughout the advocacy process and just are generally pretty freakin’ amazing. We think that it’s important to recognize these wonderful advocates and put them on blast (in …

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Our Platform Permissions and What They Mean For You

Being cautious with your privacy and making informed decisions is a good thing. In the spirit of making informed decisions, I feel like it would be beneficial to walk you through all the permissions that our own platform requests from your YouTube account, highlight why we need them and what exactly we do with that information.

Our creators are important to us and we take your privacy VERY seriously here at Grapevine. We want to be as transparent as possible and assure you that Grapevine does, always has and always will have your best interests at heart.

View Your Email Address

In our creator satisfaction survey nearly 100% of Grapevine creators preferred to communicate through email. This permission allows us to see the e-mail address associated with your YouTube account. This allows us to authenticate your e-mail and also tells us where to get in touch with you. Your E-mail address is not visible on a YouTube channel so special permissions are needed to access it.

Basic Profile Information

This allows us to view your name, profile picture and any other profile information you may have entered on your Google+ page. Having access to an already built Google+ profile allows us to automatically build large portions of your Grapevine profile to make the whole process faster. Your Grapevine profile, of course, helps us find brand sponsorship tailored to your interests! Read a little more about the Grapevine process here.

View YouTube Analytic reports / View your YouTube account.

We use these two permission permissions to track metrics on the specific content you create for Grapevine. This includes the view count and an audience sampling of gender, age and location.

View private information of your YouTube channel relevant during the audit process with a YouTube partner

This is essentially for fraud protection. When performing an audit of a YouTube channel, our system is checking to assure that your account is in good standing with YouTube (meaning no suspensions or TOS violations) and to make sure that you’re authorized to make content for the channel you’re representing.


I hope this clarifies just exactly what information you’re trusting us with and satisfies any concerns you may have had. We know that the language in these app permission agreements can be kind of confusing, so if you have any questions at all or need further clarifications on anything please send us an email at